Our organic wines are certified by the respective governing bodies in the countries where the wineries are located. While "organic" can be interpreted somewhat differently, broadly speaking, an organic wine is one that is made from organically grown grapes. No chemical fertilisers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides are used in the vineyard.

Biodynamic wines are wines made following organic farming standards and some more. The whole farming and harvesting process is dictated by the cosmos movements, according to modern formulae first expounded by Dr Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. Biodynamic is about taking a holistic approach towards creating a sustainable farming environment, believing that nature itself will rejuvenate and achieve biodiversity and balance with minimal human intervention. Our biodynamic wines are certified accordingly.

On the other hand, natural wine is a movement rather than a certification. A natural wine is a wine made by nature and not technology, with the viticulturist and winemaker its collaborators rather than manipulators. Besides rejecting the use of artificial chemicals in the vineyard, winemakers only use natural occurring yeasts instead of cultured yeasts during fermentation. No additives are put into the wine, and while tiny amounts of sulphites may be added to preserve its freshness, many producers avoid adding any. A natural wine therefore has a shorter "shelf" life than a conventional wine, but a well made natural wine will reward its drinker with a uniqueness that cannot be replicated year after year.


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