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Summer is upon us. These are many ways to beat the heat, but none is more pleasurable than a glass of chilled rose. Provence is undoubtedly rose country with a majority of its production in this style. Find out inside this post about what makes a good rose and also enjoy a special promotion pack on 3 of Provence's most recognised roses.

If you are planning an Easter dinner and are scratching your head over what wines to serve over the feast, we are here to help. Inside this post, we cover the main dishes and include the author's own experimental pairings to raise the fun factor. We hope you have fun exploring too. Happy Easter!

Riesling is a grape varietal that accounts for some of the most diverse wine styles. It covers the full spectrum of taste profile that ranges from bone dry to full on sweet nectar. Find out in this post some of the prevalent styles in the market, where to find them and why this author digs rieslings.

In this video blog (3m 50s), Jim Jerram, co-founder of Ostler Vineyards talks about his project in Waitaki Valley (New Zealand) and guides us through a taste of the winery's flagship Ostler Caroline's Pinot Noir. This wine is one of NZ's top 10 Pinot Noirs. Described as Chambolle-Musigny like by Matt Kramer of Wine Spectator, it has won some of the world's most important awards.

It's that time of the year where we let down our hair and fill up our glasses. Here's our 4 point guide to help you sail through the festive season with grace, fun and an intact wallet.

Wines Online honours the top 40 wines to grace our shelves in 2015. These are the highest scoring wines ranked according to fan support, price quality ratio and the wines' x-factor. They represent the top 5% of our entire wine portfolio. Come inside and see how many of these wines you have tasted this year.

In this post, we teach you how to be cheap without looking cheap. Follow these 3 simple steps in our Cheapskate's Guide and you will act like a boss even when you serve crap wine.

In this video blog (3m 45s), Daniela Mastroberardino, one of the first ladies of Italian wines, talks about her winery Terredora Di Paolo and Taurasi, long considered to be the Barolo of southern Italy. For people who are familiar only with the wines of Piedmonte and Tuscany, this is an amazing wine to drink.

Made from grapes taken off Shiraz vines dating back to 1847, the Moorooroo is one of Australia's hardest wines to get. Only 4 rows of these ancient vines remain today, producing around 200 cases every year. If we are to compile our own list of 1001 wines to drink before we die, the Moorooroo is definitely right up there with the best. Sourced directly from winery.

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