Kenny Wong

Kenny Wong

I'm the founder and chief wine drinker of Wines Online. As my title suggests, my job is to drink every wine that is placed on my table before we decide if it goes onto our website. This is the best quality control job anyone can ask for. I should know... I was an auditor in my previous profession.

Spanish wines are amazing value busters. Great terroir, patient wine making and reasonable prices are key components to making this country’s wines our personal favourites. Casa Primicia Julian Madrid Reserva is our standout Spanish vino of all time. Read on.

We all know about roses, but do we really understand how to appreciate them? More than a simple summer drink, roses offer a great diversity not seen in any other wines, red or white. This is because there are no specific international rules on what grapes can be used in rose, or how they should be made. Read on.

For the third year running, Wines Online has compiled a list of the best performing wines on our website. Our annual lists have been popular and we believe readers will find this year’s list to be immensely interesting. The theme for this year’s entries to the honours roll seems to be “Small is Beautiful” and “David can still win Goliath in this era of giant wine corporations”. Read more inside.

Wines Online's inaugural Perfect 10 campaign is here. In line with the islandwide 10 10 promotion craze going on right now, shoppers will enjoy a storewide 10% discount, and 10 lucky winners will walk away with attractive prizes.

Domaine Vieille Julienne is a world renowned Chateauneuf du Pape producer. With vineyards going back to 1905, the wines that are produced come from very old vines. The wines are robust yet elegant, and are destined for greatness. Read our post for more details.

Glutinous rice dumpling or bak chang is one of Singaporean Chinese's traditional and favourite snacks. Find out what wines go down well with the most common types of bak chang found locally in a "East meets West" culinary trip. Read our post. 

Wedding wine selections can seem daunting for couples planning for the big day. In this post, we talk specifically about choosing wines for Chinese banquets. There are important characteristics of a Chinese wedding banquet that affect wine selection. We also debunk some misguided information on the web relating to wedding wine selections. Find out more inside.

Wines Online delves deep into our data and compiles our list of the top 40 wines of 2016. More than just showcasing the best performing wines on our shelves, we uncovered a consumption pattern which suggests that the economy last year was perhaps not as bad as the media portrayed, and gives us hope that 2017 may just be fine after all. Read more inside.

Paul Jaboulet Aine together with Chapoutier and Guigal are the big names of Rhone. For 200 years, the Jaboulet family has worked the lands and created a brand that is synonymous with the success of this region. Read inside this post to find out more about Paul Jaboulet Aine Crozes Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert.

Wines Online hosted our first Lenton Brae Wine Dinner at The Study on 20 September 2016. It was a sold out event. Ed Tomlinson, long time winemaker of Lenton Brae was present to guide us through his wines and shared his winemaking experience in Margaret River. Read this post for the author's take on the event and the suggested wine and food pairings.

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