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Wines Online was established in 2003 (then known as The Wine Route Online) as an online wine retailer in Singapore. We were one of the early pioneers of e-commerce in Singapore, even before e-commerce became a buzzword like it is today. We were included in the "45 of the best online shops" article by Simply Her magazine (May 2008 edition).

At Wines Online, we see ourselves as more than just wine sellers. We are trusted partners who take the stress off you so that you can relax and focus on the important stuff that matters. Since 2003, we have served many customers, both Singaporeans and other nationalities. We do not set ourselves out to be the cheapest wine shop. Instead we aim to provide the best service imaginable at the fairest price. We respond quickly to enquiries, offer our most honest opinions, and we deliver all your wines in our own refrigerated chiller truck so that your wines don't suffer heat damage en route to you.

We invite you to read what our customers say about us here and on our Facebook page. Experience for yourself the Wines Online service today.

We look forward to serving you.

Wong Peng Chung, Kenny
Founder and Chief Wine Drinker together with the Wines Online team

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